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Firefly T67M-Mk2 Parts

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A List of commonly used parts are listed below with additional background information.

Commonly Required Parts
Part Information
Alternator Prestolite type (Kelly Aerospace) ALU-8521R. Uprated from the ALU-8421 with a modification to the rear bearing assembly.
Altitude Encoder Make: Trans-Cal Model: D120-P2-T
Battery Concorde RG24-11M
Brake Assembly RAPCO 30-55
Brake Assembly Bolt LP4-17AM or Cleveland 103-11600
Brake Caliper O-Ring MS28775-222
Brake Disc RAPCO RA164-02000
Brake Linings / Rivets Linings: RAPCO RA66-105 Rivets: RA105-002
Brake Valve - Parking Cleveland 60-5. Slingsby are the best source (on price) for this part.
Canopy DV Window Rails Mecaplex MX/GB/12 and MX/GB/13 (bottom and top). Try AFEonline ( or Severn Valley Sailplanes ( for these parts.
Canopy DV Window Air Scoop On the T67M-Mk2, these are often blue tinted and are a non-standard size (larger than the standard size found on the T67B. These are a special order from Mecaplex. It is best to buy the DV window and scoop for a good fit, or pay the extra and send off the existing DV window for proper size matching. Expect a price in excess of £200.
Central Vacuum Filter RAPCO RA 1J7-1. Element D-9-18-1.
Cockpit Trim Screws Stake Fastners Part Number: PS-6C-9-CP-S01BK. Minimum order from the supplier is $160, which equates to approx 200 screws.
Electric Fuel Pump Parker-Airborne 2B6-89
Engine Air Filter Manufactured by Brackett, but not listed in their catalog. Slingsby can supply, Adams have also said they can supply these.
Fuel Cap O-Ring 2 Inch Dia: MS29513-224
injector Precision Airmotive RSA-5AD1.2576522
Instrument Panel Pillar Lamp GE327
Magnetos Slick 4370 and 4373
Main and Starter Solenoid These appear to be identical to STANCOR (WHITE-RODGERS) 124-903. Although the difference in price suggests Slingsby must spend many hours testing them before release.
Main Wheel Tyres 6.00-6 4 Ply
Mechanical Fuel Pump Lycoming LW-15473
Nosewheel Tyre 5.00-5 4Ply
Oil Pressure Sender Supplied to Slingsby by BF Goodrich and are "more highly calibrated" by Goodrich for the aviation application. They are manufactured by VDO with a part number of 360081029012 or 360-004 with 29/12 stamped on the flats.
Starter Motor Original Starter Motor - Prestolite type MHB-4016.Sky-Tec 149NL/ec is an excellent alternative.
Tail Light Bulb GE1683
Vacuum Pump Sigma-Tek 1U128-006
Vacuum Regulator Filter B-3-5-1
Wing Navigation Light A752-24